REFLEXOLOGY: For body and Soul

REFLEXOLOGY is a treatment of applying pressure mainly to the feet. Our feet have various reflex areas corresponding to the organs of the body. To apply pressure is effective to improve the circulation of blood and lymph and to reduce fatigue or stress.

It is most suitable for the people who have stiff neck or shoulders, back pain, swollen legs, constipation, and insomnia. Periodic treatment of REFLEXOLOGY will also create the potential power of natural healing and make you healthy.
Healing music, aroma and skillful techniques of our practitioners will lead you to a relaxing dream world.


The foot treatment we offer is based on the fusion of Eastern and Western style, which breaks up toxins deep in the tissues of your foot. After the massage, not only will your foot feel relaxed, but your entire body will feel rejuvenated.  You can also add on a shoulder or hand treatment onto your foot treatment. Please choose the course that best fits your needs.

Course & Rate

Zen: Foot treatment

30 minutes・・\3,000(Sole  treatment only)

        For those who don't have much time.

60 minutes・・\6,000(sole, calf  treatment included)


Tsubaki: Hand treatment

30 minutes・・\3,000

10 minutes・・\1,000 

        You can add to your foot massage